Whenever righteousness, human values and virtue has been under pressure, the cosmic mother has overpowered such misbelieves by taking some rupas(forms) in order to guide her devotees.

The main belief about Velachery temple follows like this...

The story happened around 600 yrs back. In Edapally [a place adjacent to COCHIN] there was a temple called “Edapally temple” which was associated with “Edapally raja's palace”. “Edapally” was enriched with all the wealth and prosperity due to the divine power of this temple.  Even though people lived in harmony on those days, there existed a caste system which discriminates the low class races and high class Brahmins. As per the caste system the high class Brahmins, were not allowed to tocuch low caste members, and it was treated as a sin and the victim calls for punishment.

During the ruling time of the Edapally king, he got blessed with a beautiful girl. As time passed she grew up into a charming princess with ravishing face, full of beauty and splendor. She was so innocent, as if thousands of lotuses had blossomed.

One day a low caste beggar came to the king’s palace, begging food and cloth and the king’s daughter gave him some food. Later the members in the palace identified that the daughter had handed over food to a low caste person, which was a sin as per the custom followed in those days. To maintain the value of Kings’ pride and honor, the girl was expelled from the family with all sort of rituals and in turn she was asked to walk out. The little girl didn’t understand the depth of the decision taken by the family and found in weeping mode around the nearby area’s of the palace. When the girl was found alone around the Raja’s palace, a sadhu took him to rescue her. They both walked out through various places like..Elanji, Mutholapuram, Monipally and finally reached Manjoor, where the Devi’ is currently incarnated as “Rudhiramala devi”.

It is believed that, when the king’s little girl walked out, the Edappally Temple Devi also walked out get into the body of the girl. All the Temple upasana moorties were also walked out along with Devi. The little girl & Upasana moorties then she finally find their resting place in manjoor, which is the place where the temple is located.

After expelling the little girl from Edapplly Palace, when the poojari did the temple pooja next day, he realized that the divine power in the temple is missing and reported it to King. The King becomes unrest on this news. He become anxious to know where about his daughter and finally came to know that they found their resting place in manjoor. Then he realized his mistake, that for the supreme power all human beings are alike and there should not be any distinctions between human beings. When days passed the Raja’s Family ruined by itself due to the loss of divinity from their family.  But before that the King ordered to give land and all the other facilities to maintain the requirements of the Devi, went out of their place.
The Relocated place of Edapply devi’ , the divine power is in the faiths of people who are devotees of Devi.  The Edapally Temple in turn underwent lots of empowerment process including praishchitha  pooja and still keeps its pride as a land of divine power.

In this way the future progeny started worshipping Devi and they were blessed with happiness, wealth and velour. Peoples from all over the region come to visit the holy place and get their desires fulfilled....

Daily Timings

Morning: 5:30 am to 10:00 am

Evening: 5.30 pm to 8:30 pm

Temple remains closed after the above timings.

On all festival days temple remains open for full day.